Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come in for just a consultation or do I have to get tested for allergies?

Your doctor will sit down with you after an initial history is taken to determine the best course of action for your individual needs. Sometimes it is not necessary to test based on history and symptoms. 

Do I need to be referred by another physician?

Whether you need a referral or not is dependent upon your insurance plan. Check your plan details to determine if a referral is required to see a specialist, such as an allergist.

What is the youngest age my child can be seen or tested by an allergist?

Our doctors are trained and experienced in pediatrics so they can see children from the earliest ages that allergy-like symptoms first appear. The age at which our doctors test for environmental and food allergies varies on the severity and the nature of the child's symptoms. Often a very young child will be tested for food allergies earlier than environmental allergies. It is unusual for pollen allergies to develop in children under two years of age, but pet allergy or dust and mold allergy can develop much earlier.

What if I am unable to get off my medication or I forget? 

If you are having hives or unbearable allergy symptoms, please keep taking the medication and you will have an opportunity to visit with the doctor to decide what the best course of action would be.

How long is the waiting period for a new patient visit?

The waiting time for a new patient visit can vary slightly, depending on availability and current medications, but we are generally able to schedule appointments within one week. 

If I'm put on allergy shots, do they have to be done in your office?

Allergy shots do not have to be performed in our office. In most cases, once the shot vials are mixed, you can go to your regular primary care physician or other doctor to have your allergy shots administered. We do require that the initial shots for an immunotherapy regimen are administered in our office. 

Can I give the allergy shots myself?

Because of the possibility for a severe systemic reaction, we require allergy injections to be administered in a physician's office. They are trained in proper procedures to respond to severe allergic reactions. 

If I transfer from another office, do I have to be retested?

In most cases, our doctors are able to use the results from a previous allergy testing panel. The ability to use these prior results will depend on several factors, including the method of testing used and the length of time since your last allergy test. After taking your history, the doctor will sit down with you to decide what the best option for you would be.