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Friends by the Lake
Our Specialties
  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Sinusitis

  • Rhinitis (Allergic and Non-allergic)

  • Eczema and/or Atopic Dermatitis

  • Hives and/or Angioedema

  • Immunodeficiency

  • Drug Hypersensitivity

  • Other Allergic Conditions

  • Test for Allergies

  • Test for Drug Sensitivity

  • Allergy Avoidance Education

  • Allergy Treatment

    • Allergy Reduction/Suppression​

    • Immunotherapy

      • Intradermal (Allergy Shots)​

      • Sub-lingual (Under the tongue) (SLIT)

      • "Rush" Immunotherapy

  • Asthma Control

  • Sinusitis Alleviation

  • Multiple convenient locations in SW VA

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You are the center of our practice. Our goal is to partner with you to build a comprehensive and effective treatment plan for your circumstances. We recognize that each patient is different and strive to fulfill your individual needs and address your concerns, whether those concerns are money, time, or family-related. 


 All of our providers are highly trained and certified to diagnose and treat your allergic and asthmatic conditions. We would be grateful for the opportunity to partner with you!

What conditions do we treat?
What can we do for you?
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Ready to take control of your allergies? 

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