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Our History
Dr. Alexander McCausland

In the fall of 1947, Dr. Alexander McCausland was given strong counsel by his mentor in allergy medicine at the University of Virginia, Dr. Oscar Swineford, to open the first allergy practice in the western half of Virginia. In January of 1948, sharing office space with Dr. John Kaufman, a friend and dermatologist, Dr. McCausland began a practice which would grow to serve tens of thousands of allergy sufferers not only in western Virginia but also in surrounding counties of North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. In 1985, he was joined by Dr. Dane McBride. The two practiced in the Professional Arts Building in Downtown Roanoke until 1994, then moved to a larger facility on the corner of Third and Walnut, where, in 1997, they were joined by a third associate, Dr. Luis Matos. In the year 2000, they moved into a newly-constructed and larger facility

Dr. Alexander McCausland

on the corner of Franklin Road and Woods Avenue. Shortly thereafter, they welcomed Dr. Saju Eapen, making four Board Certified specialists in Allergy and Clinical Immunology in the practice, Virginia's largest private allergy practice west of Richmond. 

In September 2005, after a remarkable 70 years in the field of medicine, Dr. McCausland withdrew from active practice, at the age of 93. Thirty years earlier, he had encouraged a young Roanoke pediatrician, Dr. Robert Miles, to pursue allergy specialty training, and to start an allergy practice in Lynchburg, which he did. In October, 2007, Dr. Miles retired and passed this practice on to Dr. McCausland’s Roanoke partners, allowing them to expand their services to the Lynchburg area.

To help fulfill the needs of an ever growing number of patients, several outstanding Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants joined the practice.

In 2010, to better serve our patients in the Salem area, we opened a third office in Salem

Joined by a dedicated team of nurses and administrative staff in all three locations, our providers continue the more-than-70-years of service started by Dr. McCausland: providing quality, leading-edge care for the many in central and southwest Virginia who suffer from problems of respiratory allergies, asthma, hives, food allergies, allergic dermatitis, medication allergies, bee sting allergy, chronic sinusitis, recurrent respiratory infections and antibody deficiencies.

We welcome the opportunity of helping many more find solutions to these medical conditions now and in the coming years.

Our doctors and nurse practitioners are grateful for the many wonderful staff members who, throughout our history, have helped build our admirable reputation of warm and personalized service to patients.

Dr. Alexander McCausland

Dr. Alexander McCausland

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